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Main activities of the Department

Atmospheric Chemistry Team ( Chimie de l'Atmosphère (CA) ) is studying the Earth Stratosphere and Troposphere as well as the martian Atmosphere.


1) The Stratosphere

Study of the mechanism related to the destruction of the ozon layer: nitrogen , bromine, chlorine dioxides and polar stratospheric clouds.


SAOZ Network

Long term monitoring of ozon, NO2 andPolar Stratospheric Clouds (PSC). SAOZ is recognized by the International Network NDSC (Network for Detection of Stratospheric Change).

    The Ground-based SAOZ developped by Service d'Aéronomie are UV-Visible Spectrometers able to measure all year around vertical columns of O3, NO2 and PSC twice a day during sunrise and sunset by looking at the solar lights scattered at zenith.

    - SAOZ Network
    - O3 LOSS in the Arctic from 1994 to 2000.
    - 10 years of data at Dumont d'Urville.
    - THESEO / O3Loss

SAOZ Balloon

    The SAOZ Balloon instruments, light and robust, allow frequent measurements of O3, NO2, BrO, OClO, IO, aerosols and PSC vertical profiles in the Arctic, mid-latitudes and tropical regions.

Long Duration Balloons

Satellite experiment

    2) The Troposphere

    Quality of Air ( O3, NO2, SO2, NO, HNO3, Hydrocarbures ).

    SANOA Instrument

      SANOA is a long path UV-Visible spectrometer to monitor continuously the atmospheric pollution.

      - Field campains.
      - Simulation


    3) Planetary Atmospheres


      Study of clouds and aerosols of the Martian atmosphere from small ground-based stations.


    4) Recent Publications


    5) Link to the "Real Time Page"

    - Data from SAOZ (Ground-based, Balloon)

    - MIMOSA



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