Florence GOUTAIL

Senior Scientist - CNRS

Co-PI of SAOZ/NDACC Network

Tel. : +33 - (0)1 80 28 52 53
Fax : +33 - (0)1 30 57 09 42

Mail: florence.goutail@latmos.ipsl.fr

Research Activities

    - Responsible of the SAOZ UV-Visible network dedicated to the Ozone and NO2 total columns measurements at various and remote sites on the globe. Consolidated data for NDSC, NILU, WMO, data bases. Participation to Satellite validation: TOMS, GOME, ENVISAT, AURA/OMI, ACE.

    - Total ozone loss studies inside the polar vortex.

    - Responsible of the SAOZ UV-Visible balloon-borne spectrometer. Development of algorithms (SAOZ-Bal). Participation to Satellite validation: ILAS, ENVISAT (GOME, MIPAS, SCIAMACHY), SAGE II/SAGE III, ILAS II, SCIASAT (within the canadian MANTRA project).

    - Development of a long path instrument (SANOA), dedicated to the measurement of pollutants. Participation to international campaigns (PAUR-PAURII/CEE).


Photo Gallery

  • SAOZ under snow


  • various SAOZ on site